An ARC for an honest review

The Farrier's Daughter (The Irish Witch Series) (Volume 1) - Leigh Ann Edwards

Thank you NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for a fair review.


Quick and easy! That is meant as both a pro and con. I enjoyed that the more celtic aspects of this story weren't heavily weighed down with Gaelic words that I had to stumble over. I did not enjoy that the book flowed so easily that I finished it in one day.


The pros: A likable protagonist. I really did like Alainn. She was intelligent and spunky. The supportive characters could have been better defined, but I found myself wanting to like Cook, Morag and Lady Siobahn. Storyline.... I enjoyed meeting our fair maiden when she was just a child and wanted her to find happiness as an adult.


Cons: As soon as the protagonist is introduced as an adult you can see where the story is going. You know this is going to be some forbidden love. The only question is which twists and turns will be introduced. I found that the solutions seemed easy, but that our characters took a long way around in finding them.


Personal prefrence: I HATE CLIFFHANGERS! I don't mind the suggestion of a problem at the end of a book that can spawn a sequel, but an abrupt ending that leaves the story in limbo is frustrating.


Conclusion: Overall the story was decent. Characters were likable or hated as was the authors intention. The story was quick to present the quandry, but slow to even suggest solution. I enjoyed it enough to finish the book and have even moved on to the second in the series. I do so with the hope that the characters and story will develop a depth that was missing in this story. Perhaps this was a new author getting their bearings. If so, I believe that The Farrier's Daughter can be considered a good start.