The Entire Series so Far

The entire series of Jane Yellowrock by Author Faith Hunter.


Jane Yellowrock, a unique protagonist.  It is honestly one of the things I have enjoyed about this series the most. Jane is a truly individual character. Too many times have the behaviors, humor, appearance, etc. been repeated. It is a breath of fresh air to have a strong female lead that ticks all new boxes.


Foremost among the likes for me is that Jane starts out a solo character. Nearly alone in the world with loyalties to a very precious few only looking to make some money and get by. As the story progresses, adventures had and challenges met and overcome, that loner status changes and loyalties get muddied and confused. So much so that you end up wondering just what path she will take.


The love of characters grew for me and I ended up having a tidal wave of emotions when my favorites were caught in life altering situations. I laughed, I cheered, I cried and grieved as the series finally hit book number 12. I waited to post this review because I jumped from one book to the next and figured that the last book would be ideal for me to wrap up all that I felt for Ms. Yellowrock and her clan of characters.


Now I understand that there will be 2 more books to the series. I am relieved.


In all honesty, book number 12 was difficult for me. No one really likes to see a series come to a close when the have enjoyed it so much, but for me it was more than that. I was starting to get angry. I have had a precious few (thank goodness) of series that were ruined for me by how the author chose to end a protagonists story. My fear was that Jane was headed for that category.


The remaining 2 books offer a reprieve and I find myself hopeful that Ms. Hunter will steer Jane toward a better ending than the one that was being hinted at in Dark Queen. She deserves better! Don't you dare give her that ending! There... I feel better. LOL


I recommend this series for someone who is looking for a little outside of the box urban fiction/fantasy. The story isn't overwhelmed by cheesy romance. The paranormal aspect is woven nicely with a reality we can all grasp and the characters are the type you can attach yourself to.