I've got my eye on you!

The Eye of the World  - Robert Jordan

I only recently learned of the series The Wheel of Time by the late Robert Jordan.


Thanks to the internet I found each title in the series, put them in order and started reading.


I am blown away by Robert Jordan's ability to paint a picture. He can set the scene so well with his beautiful descriptions.


The protagonist was a bit difficult to attach to at first because you can become so involved with the other characters that you are invested in their story as well


Ultimately you end up identifying with each of the main characters and filled with frustration, sadness and anger toward the antagonist in this series.


This is only the first book and I can see that I will be flipping the pages of each subsequent novel at a rapid pace, trying in vain to stay with the characters on their journey.


So why only 4 stars if I loved it so much?  Well... there were a few moments when I felt that the relationship between the characters could have used a little background and a few moments when the stage had been set and reset to the point that i felt it was taking to long to get back to the story. But nothing so bad that it ruined it for me.


I highly recommend for epic lovers. I can already tell that I am going to read each book and remember this series always.