The Prequels only

Consumed - J.R. Ward

Taking a quick break from my long walk through The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, I downloaded the 2 prequel novellas entitled The Wedding From Hell parts 1 and 2,


Despite the fact that I am a lover of epic fantasy and nothing makes me as excited as starting a new series, I needed a break from my current read and decided to take a few hours and read something a little easy and fun.I have read books by J. R. Ward before and I was expecting something a little dark and a little raunchy. However, this wasn't the case. Despite the characters heading right toward a relationship with each other, Ward made a point of letting you know that they had known each other for more than two years. We may not be along for that "get  to know you" ride, but i have always found it easier to believe that people grow to love each other instead of meeting one night and ...


Usually stand alone novels are something I want to skip over. I like what comes next and eagerly await the next chapter for beloved protagonists, however I may just give Consumed a try because I liked these two characters. I found myself hoping it would work out for them in true romantic fashion. Danny is the reformed womanizer and Anne is the cautious professional.


I give them 3 stars for two reasons. 1 - I can't ever rate a novella a perfect score because they are so quick we have to be rushed through the story.


2 -  I wanted a bit of humor and there wasn't any. Serious is all well and good. I enjoy the tension and the romance,but life needs a smile once in a while. 


Overall... I liked the story and I think I will be buying Consumed just as soon as I finish my current series.


Happy Reading!